Set Subjects - 2016 to 2017 - see programme for dates

Prints - Colour and Monochrome

A City Landmark - a notable feature of a city, natural or man-made, with historical, cultural or geographical significance

Tunnels and Corridors - man-made or natural

The Decisive Moment - Henri Cartier-Bresson believed that “The Decisive Moment” was that split second of genius and inspiration that a photographer     had to capture a certain moment. This moment is fleeting, meaning that once you miss that half of a second to capture that moment, it is gone forever. You can never recreate the same circumstances in terms of location and people.

Projected Images - Colour and Monochrome

Someone Taking a Photo - an image of at least one person taking a photograph

Close Up - a macro or close-up image

Looks Like a Face - a found object, or a scene in nature, that looks like a human face

Four images per person per competition night with one image marked 'R' for reserve.   If there are too many images for comfortable viewing the 'R' image will be withdrawn.  Images can be a mixture of Open and Set Subject entries.  See details in the Club Rules.

Thumbnails of prints will need to be uploaded to Dropbox as well as your DPI entries. 

All entries should be submitted at least one week before the competition.

All entries gaining 20, 19 or 18 points in a competition will go forward to the Club Competition finals in May without any adjustment to the image or the mount.

Trophy Competitions

There are four separate trophy competitions each season, Landscape, Street Photography, Wildlife and Three of a Kind.  See Programme for details.

Set Subjects - 2017 to 2018

Prints - Colour and Monochrome

Architecture - either old or new, the whole building or just a portion, but make it special

Autumn Celebrations - Halloween, Bonfire Night or Diwali - a photographic record of one of our autumn celebrations. Fireworks, people etc but no landscapes or trees

A Faceless Portrait - a part of the body or a silhouette?  An image that tells us about the person but without the face

Projected Images - Colour and Monochrome

The Sky at Night -

The Gesture - a movement of hand, arm, body, head or face that is expressive of an idea of opinion, emotion, etc

Symmetry -