The Members' Page - the sharing area for club members.


Competition Rules - April 2019


PhotoEntry - for uploading image files for competitions

Library List - All these books are available for members to borrow from the club cupboard


Print Competition Labels - labels for using on the reverse of prints for competition entry - Avery L7163 - 2 columns x 7 rows


Print Competition Labels Sheet - to print on A4 paper

Club Deals - See Message for Details

We have deals with the following companies:

  1. Loxley Colour -

  2. GS Photos -

  3. All About Framing -

  4. Fotospeed -

Set Subjects - 2018 to 2019 - see programme for dates.

Prints - Colour and Monochrome

London Calling - People? Favourite places? Show us what keeps 'London Calling' to you.

Minimalism - Less is more.  Reduced elements of subject, line or colour to create impact.

This Sporting Life - A wide angle shot of sailing boats on the ocean?  A telephoto shot of laces on a football boot?  Everything or anything sport related.

Projected Images - Colour and Monochrome

Workplaces - Endless possibilities to show interesting workplaces, with or without the workers.

Shadows - What photography is all about!  The way light falls on, and beyond a subject

Double Exposure - In camera or digitally made.  This is your chance to be creative.


Four images per person per competition night.   If there are too many images for comfortable viewing entrants will be contacted via email regarding which of their four entries to omit.  Images can be a mixture of Open and Set Subject entries.  See details in the Club Rules on the Members’ Page.

Thumbnails of prints will need to be uploaded to PhotoEntry as well as your PDI entries. 

All entries should be submitted by the Sunday before the competition.

All entries gaining 20, 19 or 18 points in a competition will go forward to the Club Competition finals in May without any adjustment to the image or the mount.

Trophy Competitions

There are four separate trophy competitions each season, Landscape, Street Photography, Wildlife and Three of a Kind.  See Programme for details.

Set Subjects - 2019 to 2020  -

Prints - Colour and Monochrome

Portraiture - show us your skills in shooting people - no people to be harmed in entering this competition!


High or Low Key - images must have a predominance of light or dark tones

Projected Images - Colour and Monochrome

Mobile Phone or Tablet - anything but must have been taken on a mobile phone or tablet

Space - not ‘outer’ but the use of space in a photograph

Different Angle

Easy Print Competitions

Night or Dusk

Fauna and Flora